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Our regular briefings are designed to keep you up to speed with the latest changes and proposed changes to legislation in the pensions world.

  • 2024


    Mortality briefing, April 2024

    The Continuous Mortality Investigation (CMI) has released the latest version of its mortality improvement model, CMI_2023. The default model results in slightly lower life expectancies when compared to the previous version, CMI_2022.

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    Mortality briefing, February 2024

    The Continuous Mortality Investigation (CMI) has released a new set of mortality tables, the S4 tables. For the first time, the CMI includes postcode data in new S4 tables. The tables also point to a slight reduction in life expectancy, although the impact on individual schemes will differ.

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  • 2023


    Mortality briefing, June 2023

    In this briefing, we discuss the latest version of the Continuous Mortality Improvement’s (CMI) mortality improvements projection model. How will it impact your pension scheme?

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  • 2022


    Mortality briefing, November 2022

    In this briefing we look at the latest trends in mortality, discussing key issues for trustees and employers, and how First Actuarial can help.

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