Financial wellbeing and Defined Contribution schemes

Anxious employees do not add up to a productive workforce

Growing numbers of people feel insecure about their finances ‒ surveys confirm this. Today’s employees may not be as confident about their pensions as previous generations, and future finances are a real source of worry. When this spills over into the workplace, it can have a serious impact on job performance.

We help your staff improve their financial wellbeing by getting to grips with their pension and personal finances.

How does First Actuarial help employees like yours?

We go into workplaces and help people develop basic financial skills ‒ in areas like budgeting, pensions, savings and debt management.

Because we do not sell financial products, we can give your staff the honest and independent guidance they need, and the freedom to ask questions about any area of their finances.

We’re geared up to provide the right financial guidance for you and your staff

To make this cost-effective for you, we’ll gauge the needs of your employees and then agree a budget. Our specialist financial wellbeing team will then deliver training sessions that are suitable for all types of pension scheme and every stage of an employee’s working life.

We base our financial wellbeing training on successful programmes that we’ve designed and run for FTSE 100 companies to improve financial health in the workplace. To make sure they’re the right fit for your organisation, we customise each session to your own requirements.

What you get is a bespoke programme delivered over an agreed timescale, covering the most important areas first, with manageable costs spread over the full period.

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Working with First Actuarial was a highly professional partnership that had a positive effect on our colleagues. We received great feedback on both the group and one-to-one sessions they ran.

– Helena Moore, Director of People Experience, Bromford

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