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At First Actuarial, we understand how important it is to grow skills and knowledge across the business. Without committed, motivated and trained staff, our firm will not continue to thrive.

Following a range of career paths, our employees know that the company will actively help them address training needs, gain qualifications, and engage in continuous professional development.

The firm provides an excellent study support package to help staff achieve success by paying for all study material, allowing generous study leave, and rewarding each exam pass with an increase in salary.

But that’s only the start. We are committed to staff development on a daily basis. We put together close-knit teams with varied levels of seniority. Experienced staff are more than happy to share their knowledge and skills developed over decades in the pensions industry.

We see training as time well spent. As our staff learn new skills and develop their own potential, they enrich the business as a whole.

How we support our staff

We are a study support partner for the Pension Management Institute’s (PMI) Workplace Pensions module.

First Actuarial is also an active member of the Pensions Administration Standards Association (PASA). We are also accredited with the Quality Assurance Scheme (QAS) of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA). As well as promoting organisation-wide quality assurance, QAS supports improvement at individual level.

Our technical team delivers regular actuarial and administration training sessions in each of our offices. The same team runs a helpdesk, which employees can access with any technical queries.

For employees working in non-pension areas such as IT and HR, we are committed to providing comparable development opportunities. And all staff receive financial wellbeing training.

Working in our actuarial team

To help trustees and employers manage their pension scheme, our actuarial team supports staff through to qualification and beyond with structured training.

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Working in our administration team

To give members the information they need, our administration team supports staff through an induction programme and on to recognised industry qualifications.

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Working in our investment team

To deliver informed investment advice to trustees, our investment team supports staff through financial qualifications, and keeps them on top of changes in the field.

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Working in our software development team

To develop innovative solutions for clients, our software development team involves all staff in the full project lifecycle, and offers opportunities to study for IT accreditations.

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How we all benefit from professional development

We provide happy and rewarding work environments in each of our five offices.

Our staff are well equipped with honed skills to support pension scheme trustees and employers. They take personal responsibility for getting things done, and are encouraged to suggest improvements to the way we work. They are also happy to share their knowledge and experience with colleagues and clients alike.

We work hard to retain valued individuals, and our clients value the business culture we actively foster.

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