Helping employees understand their Defined Contribution pension

We help you and your employees get more value from your Defined Contribution scheme with simple and cost-efficient explanations

Uninformed scheme members are less likely to engage.

A good quality Defined Contribution scheme is a key benefit that employers offer to recruit and retain the skilled individuals they need. But the best pension scheme in the world will only give your organisation limited value if members don’t understand the benefits on offer.

Everyone benefits if you take the time to explain your scheme to employees, and we can help you do this in a cost-effective way.

How can First Actuarial help you put the right pension information in place?

We believe that the best way to explain pension issues to members is with face-to-face sessions. These can range from group presentations to one-to-one meetings, with timings and locations that suit you and your employees.

The sessions help members understand how their Defined Contribution pension works. We can run them for all your employees or specific groups, such as those with significant pension savings. We can also focus on areas such as pre-retirement choices. We agree the content with you in advance.

If you prefer, we can provide bespoke websites, modellers and apps that your members can use independently to make well-informed pension decisions.

We won’t charge you to re-invent the wheel

We will work to identify sources of information that are free of charge before agreeing any work with you, and help create what you need where there is nothing available.

This can include communications issued to members under the auto-enrolment regulations, or website and modellers that some pension providers publish to explain the benefits they offer.

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They were very professional and their advice was really clearly presented. Throughout the project, they managed themselves in an independent way in terms of the information they provided our employees, which was accurate and complete.

– John Livesey, CEO, Bolton Cares

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