Investment monitoring

Investment monitoring is a legal requirement

The Pensions Regulator identifies investment monitoring as an integral element of risk management. Trustees need to take full account of the funding level and employer covenant at all times.

How can First Actuarial help?

Our investment monitoring service covers the performance objectives, volatility targets and fee details of funds held by your pension scheme.

We monitor investments and liabilities, and choose the right time to switch investments to reduce risk and maximise gains. We provide basic information on valuations, performance and funds, along with:

  • Assessments of the ongoing suitability of funds held
  • Concise updates on fund performance
  • Performance monitoring documents, including peer-group reports and quarterly documents on Liability Driven Investment (LDI) funds.

We make this information easy to access, and we keep it up to date at all times. Where up-to-date information is available, we refresh asset valuations on a daily basis.

We alert our clients immediately by email to any material changes affecting a fund or an investment manager. And we store such communications on the Client Hub.

Our Hub provides up-to-date information whenever needed

Our Client Hub, a secure area of the First Actuarial website, holds performance information showing how each fund is faring in comparison with its stated benchmark. We store all our communications to trustees on the Hub.

Make sure you switch investment at the right time

With our trigger-monitoring service, firstflight, clients agree a change of investment strategy, in advance of the conditions specified. If firstflight identifies that a trigger has been breached, we can implement pre-agreed asset allocation changes quickly to lock in gains.


We provide performance reporting on our Client Hub, on which we update clients’ asset valuations on a daily basis. Our performance reports cover absolute returns, comparisons with the overall market, and peer group reports.

We produce peer-group reports for a full range of asset classes. These reports benchmark fund performance against those in the same asset class operated by other investment managers.

This can give trustees more meaningful insights than the fund manager’s official performance statistics. We make sure peer-group reporting is relevant and up to date by issuing and loading it on to the Hub within two weeks of quarter-end.

Trustees can also generate their own PDF document containing key information about the scheme’s investments. This includes the latest valuation data, performance statistics and our views on each of the funds held. The document provides a useful overview of investments held, and we include it in trustee meeting packs

Ongoing fund monitoring

We monitor actual vs expected performance of funds on a continuous basis. If we become concerned about a particular fund, our Investment Rating Committee considers how we should respond. We may decide to alert clients, or even recommend that trustees seek an alternative fund.

Why choose First Actuarial?

We deliver a flexible monitoring service to meet the specific needs of your Scheme’s trustees. We can provide access to the Hub, where investment data is updated on a daily basis. Alternatively, we can produce reports for you ahead of trustee investment meetings.

We maintain close relationships with fund managers, who keep us informed of new developments.

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Investment briefings

We produce regular briefings to update trends on the latest market developments.

I find the view sections of the online investment monitoring site really helpful. It’s good to see historical views all in one place; you wouldn’t get that with email correspondence.

– Kim Nash, Director, PTL

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