Fiduciary manager selection

Do you have the right fiduciary manager in place?

The investment governance requirements of the Pensions Act apply to all fund managers, including fiduciary managers. Letting one organisation decide on your entire investment portfolio means placing a lot of trust in them.

It’s important to ensure that the right provider is selected and that they remain suitable over time. This calls for regular research and continuous monitoring.

How can First Actuarial help?

We help trustees by putting an impartial adviser in place to oversee investment performance. Our experienced advisory and research teams can offer all the services you require to oversee your fiduciary manager:

  • Fiduciary manager selection services
  • Pensions Act 1995 – Section 36 advice
  • Strategy calibration/ratification of suggested approaches
  • Setting of suitable performance objectives
  • Independent performance reporting and evaluation
  • Fee benchmarking exercises
  • Asset transition advice.

We carry out a close assessment of the fiduciary manager’s portfolio. We look for evidence that the fiduciary manager is providing access to a broad range of asset classes, including alternative assets that would otherwise be difficult to obtain. We plot the performance of a fiduciary manager’s growth portfolio against equivalent fiduciary managers and diversified growth funds.

In our reports to clients, we separate out the various components of performance to help trustees understand the impact of specific decisions that the fiduciary manager makes.

Our analysis will gauge the impact of changes to your investment portfolio, highlight any problems you need to address, and help assess your fiduciary manager.

Why choose First Actuarial?

We are independently owned and have no ties to any fiduciary manager. We will review performance and costs and give you peace of mind by providing full and honest feedback.

We are well placed to carry out specialist assessment of fiduciary strategy, including credit, multi-strategy, illiquid markets and liability-driven investment.

We make sure that fiduciary offerings start off and remain fit for purpose so you get the best possible results at a reasonable price.

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