Investment consultancy for Defined Benefit schemes

Trustees need long-term returns on Defined Benefit scheme investments

Assets give Defined Benefit schemes independence from the sponsoring employer, enabling them to pay benefits even if the employer is no longer able to support the scheme. A 30 year old scheme member may still be receiving pension benefits in 60 or even 70 years’ time. Even small schemes hold a lot of money for a long period of time.

This is why trustees need good returns on investments on a long-term basis. And unlike other investors, Defined Benefit schemes have liabilities. So schemes don’t just invest to maximise returns, but also to meet those liabilities.

With these complications, it’s important that trustees get advice that balances returns with the risks that the scheme can afford to run.

How can First Actuarial help with Defined Benefit scheme investments?

We offer a comprehensive investment service to help our clients with their investment decisions.

A typical project may involve:

  • Investment strategy advice – helping trustees make informed investment decisions.
  • Fund manager selection – based on research by our client-facing consultants and up-to-date supplier lists covering a full range of asset classes.
  • Transition services – managing changes to investment strategy.
  • Monitoring and dynamic de-risking – watching investments and liabilities, and choosing the right time to switch investments to reduce risks.

Why choose First Actuarial?

Our consultants are able to explain the complexities of investments and give simple clear pragmatic advice. We use in-house software to demonstrate the differences between investment strategies clearly.

We maintain close relationships with fund managers, who keep us informed of new developments.

We’ve invested heavily in our transition support service. Our robust processes – including out-of-market risk management and transition documentation services – make investment strategy changes as smooth and efficient as possible.

Investment strategy changes are complex, and many trustees miss opportunities by failing to react quickly enough.

First Actuarial puts trustees in a position to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. We work with them to define triggers for action, based on their funding strategy and the specific needs of the scheme.

We offer a range of options to meet different objectives and budgets – from simple market-based yield triggers to bespoke funding level monitoring on a daily basis.

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Our trustees represent a very small Defined Benefits scheme. Our investment adviser has provided very sound advice and very ably explains technical matters to the newer, less experienced trustees.

– Alan Powell, 2Care/Richmond Fellowship

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