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Research provides a robust basis for investment decision-making

To know how best to invest scheme funds, trustees need advisers with strong research skills and processes.

Investment markets can change very quickly. New classes appear. Certain investment classes become cheaper. New providers and approaches come to market.

Keeping track of these changes requires solid research and investment expertise.

How can First Actuarial help?

Our rigorous research process underpins our assessment of how funds are likely to perform in specific market conditions. To help achieve this, we focus on identifying funds with clear mandates and consistent approaches, and on gaining a clear understanding of the investment manager’s philosophy.

And when considering the suitability of a fund, we follow a thorough, four-stage research process to filter down to the most appropriate choices:

  1. We gather information and insights around a broad range of potential funds, using the eVestment global database.
  2. We devise a bespoke screening process, combining external sources such as eVestment with our own professional experience to filter out funds that have downside risks or are otherwise unsuitable.
  3. We meet the fund management teams of the remaining candidates, to give our researchers a thorough understanding of how the funds are managed so they can assess their suitability for our clients.
  4. We deliver an independent review of findings. Our research team presents its recommendations to our Investment Rating Committee, which provides independent oversight and challenges findings.

Why choose First Actuarial?

We understand the investment needs of small and medium schemes and the ‘buy lists’ we maintain cover those asset classes we deem suitable for those clients.

More broadly, we focus our research needs on areas that are most likely to add value to small and medium schemes.

We devoted a great deal of time and resources to Liability Driven Investment (LDI), which proved beneficial for our clients through the 2022 crisis. We’re currently putting a lot of work into ESG and, more broadly, governance and stewardship issues.

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Investment briefings

We produce regular briefings to update trends on the latest market developments.

The advice we received was very helpful and the consultant took time to explain it to those for whom investment was not a strong point.

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