Defined Contribution governance

We can help set up a robust governance framework to keep your Defined Contribution scheme compliant and fit for purpose

Defined Contribution pension schemes come with employer responsibilities.

Contract-based Defined Contribution schemes offer a lighter administrative burden, compared to trust-based or Defined Benefit alternatives. However, employers still need to make sure the scheme is well run and that members receive good quality pensions.

How can First Actuarial help you get Defined Contribution scheme governance right?

We can help you set up a governance committee to monitor performance over time. This is the best way to make sure that your pension scheme is well managed and supported, with:

  • Investment options that are appropriate and perform well
  • An insurer that gives you all the support you need
  • Timely advice and information for your members
  • Minimal member costs
  • Reviews and updates to reflect new pension developments.

Our approach to Defined Contribution scheme governance is thorough but cost-efficient

We make available our most knowledgeable pension professionals to provide the day-to-day support and advice your Defined Contribution scheme needs. Our experienced advisers will also bring to your attention any new developments affecting the plan. We use our industry expertise to spot, and avoid, any potential problems before they arise.

We work to keep our costs low by using information available from your pension provider, such as governance reports and investment factsheets. We complement this information with practical and pragmatic advice from our consultants.

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Our main consultant has a good style and is able to help people think through options in easy-to-understand terms, and plan for the future accordingly.

– Joan Goulden, Alliance One International Services Ltd

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