Financial wellbeing and the cost of living crisis

To help you and your colleagues manage your money during the cost of living crisis, our financial wellbeing team has put together a package of useful resources:

  • A video with tips on how to cope in a world of rising costs, focusing on key areas where you can save money including energy and household spending
  • A list of supportive organisations and useful websites
  • A downloadable action plan to put you in control of your money, step by step.

Get into good financial habits at this important time – with some great money management tips.

Tips for managing your money during the cost of living crisis

This 20-minute video will help you manage your finances by taking you through three areas:

  • How to reduce your energy bills – tips for reducing usage, plus government help for both working and non-working households
  • Tips on managing your money to make it stretch a bit further – covering essentials such as food, insurance, car fuel, as well as other non-essential costs
  • Where to go to get help if you’re struggling to make ends meet – websites offering more tips and organisations that can offer support.

Where to go for further help and support

How to reduce energy bills

Your provider’s website is likely to offer useful tips on reducing energy bills. Also, try these sites:

Energy Saving Trust
Citizens Advice
National Energy Action
Go.Compare energy cost calculator

How to drive efficiently

Get your own action plan

We’ve put together an action plan you can download, full of tips and sources of support.

Get in touch for personalised support

Support your colleagues through the cost of living crisis.

Get in touch for a bespoke video or action plan for your workforce, covering pensions and other benefits.

Pension one-to-ones are valuable not just for those approaching retirement but for younger people as well. By fine-tuning their pensions at that stage, they can retire earlier. Planning ahead can mean the difference between travelling the world and relying on food banks.

– Julie Cridland, Employee Experience Lead, Aster Group

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