Financial wellbeing services

We’ll support your workforce through any personal finance problems

Our Independent financial education specialists can help your company improve financial wellbeing in the workplace with:

  • Change management – When your employees need clear explanations and open discussion around pension scheme changes
  • Ongoing support – When you want to help your staff make better financial decisions, and improve performance by alleviating financial stress.

We’ll work with your employees to develop the skills they need to manage their pensions, budgets, savings and debt.

This is what we do to help


Passive listening is no way to learn. Expect your staff to get actively involved in our seminars and workshops. We understand how to develop a rapport with individuals and groups of people so they take ownership of their financial concerns.


We do whatever it takes to get our point across, even if that means telling bad jokes. We give real life examples, and get people to take part in simple scenarios. Over time, we’ve refined our seminars to get as many people as possible to understand and remember the key points.


We highlight the small actions that people can take that make big differences, and we make sure that people leave our seminars ready to take action.

How do we do it?

We work out a plan for getting the agreed message across to your staff

A combination of group seminars, one to one sessions, webinars and mobile tools is usually what works best.

We create special mobile tools to help

Mobile tools and websites can simplify things that are actually quite complicated. We have developed a range of tools to ease people into the complexities of personal finance. For example, our Muppetometer gives a clear demonstration of tax on pensions, and our Retire Right tool helps people understand whether they are on track to retire.

We work face-to-face with your staff

Mobile tools have their place, and webinars are cost-effective, but nothing beats working directly with people to get them genuinely involved and motivated.

We make the process easy for you

We work with you to address the needs of your organisation. That might mean providing a booking system for staff sessions, with appropriate reporting. It might even involve scheduling sessions in line with shift changes at midnight or 7am, to give all your staff access to the programme.

We get your staff talking about money and pensions

Your staff will come out of our sessions enthused, with clear ideas about how to make things better. They’ll be talking to each other comfortably about the financial decisions they’ve made and why.

And this is what we don’t do

  • We’ll never sell anything to your staff

  • We’re not IFAs (Independent Financial Advisers) – so we don’t offer financial advice

  • We won’t be too cautious – your staff need guidance not just information

  • We don’t use long words when shorter ones do just as well

How does First Actuarial work in practice?

When we start working with you, we’ll sit down and work out what you are trying to achieve.

This might involve us explaining the changes you are making to your pension scheme to make it more affordable. Alternatively, you may want us to improve employee perception of your scheme or help staff with their own financial planning.

Once we know what your objectives are, we can draw up a plan based on our experience of running programmes for other organisations. To put it simply, we know what works and we can guide you to a simple cost-effective approach that will work for you.

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Our UK workforce recently watched a First Actuarial financial wellbeing webinar. It was set at the right level, without ever patronising our staff, and clear explanations made even the more challenging topics easy to understand. It was short enough to watch, but long enough to cover the information we needed. All in all, it was an excellent presentation. Thanks, First Actuarial, for sharing such valuable information.

– Wendy Round, UK Compensation and Benefits Manager, Innovia Films

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