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What does the software development team do?

First Actuarial’s growing software development team is based in Leeds. Our projects give staff varied work and opportunities across a range of business areas and technologies.

We work closely in a flat structure, with no rigid hierarchy holding people back. It’s a friendly working environment that is relaxed but productive and focused. We have a no-blame culture, and people are positively rewarded for doing well.

We work within an agile framework, with strong lines of communication. This includes daily team gatherings – part of the SCRUM approach to work management – and a flexible and iterative approach to software development.

We build solutions for pension schemes – either customised for individual clients, or systems and tools that we make available across our client base. These solutions include:

• Custom websites
• Financial modellers
• Online investment analysis tools.

We also develop systems and tools to improve the way the company works. We have recently delivered projects in these business areas:

• Pension scheme valuations
• Task management
• Accounts.

How does the software development team develop its staff?

In a fast-moving area like IT, narrow specialisms can be restricting, and can hinder individual careers. Instead, we involve every team-member in the full project lifecycle – from specification to release, on both front-end and back-end development work.

When we recruit new staff we look at the individual in the round, beyond their qualifications. We often employ computer science graduates, but this is not always the case. All staff need a mix of communication and technical skills.

We offer the opportunity to study for IT accreditations, but it’s just as important to be able to learn quickly on the job. Some team-members pursue a pension qualification designed for non-specialists to improve their understanding of the business.

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