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Pensions are an important element of housing association mergers and acquisitions

Bringing together two or more previously independent housing associations is no easy task. There are many issues to consider, and pensions should be an important item on your agenda.

How can First Actuarial help?

The first steps are to:

  • Examine the pension benefits of existing staff
  • Decide whether to align benefits across the group
  • Evaluate the impact of each scenario, along with cost and risk assessments
  • Consider the impact of any decisions on industrial relations
  • Understand the requirements of TUPE and auto-enrolment.

Secondly, a thorough due diligence exercise will be vital to:

  • Structure the reorganisation, minimising potential termination debts that you may otherwise incur at some point
  • Highlight scenarios which may inadvertently trigger a large termination debt
  • Understand the terms of admission to the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS)
  • Comply with requirements for transferring staff between employers.

We can undertake due diligence to alert you to the possible consequences of the proposed arrangements in advance, so the newly-merged company has no nasty surprises lurking around the corner.

Why choose First Actuarial?

We are experts on housing sector pensions. We understand the issues involved and the ways around them.

Our good relationships with SHPS and with many of the LGPS funds mean that we can pick up the phone and have an honest conversation with them on your behalf. This can save time and money and help your transaction proceed smoothly.

Get in touch

Get in touch with one of our housing sector specialists to discuss how we can help you.

First Actuarial are very approachable. They’re good at helping managers and Board members digest a very difficult area, and they’ve also been proactive in helping us shape an innovative solution.

– Paul Richmond, Group Director of Finance and Resources, Watford Community Housing

Make sure you’ve got the right pension information in place

Make sure you’ve got the information you need to monitor your pension arrangements. First Actuarial’s firstwatch service provides an affordable package of essential pension resources for Housing Associations.

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