Schemes in Wind-up

Winding-up a pension scheme is a complicated processthat requires careful management and expert advice and is a core service offered by First Actuarial.

If you have a pension scheme that is no longer appropriate for your needs, First Actuarial will help you to establish a more suitable arrangement. This may ultimately lead to the old scheme being wound up. We are equally happy starting off the process or taking responsibility for a wind up that has perhaps been dragging on for some considerable time.

Despite the uncertainties involved in wind-up, our structured approach often allows wind-up projects to be carried out on a fixed fee basis.

There have been a number of recent developments in the pension scheme wind-up market. At First Actuarial we have experience of negotiating with many of the different buy-out providers that have newly come to the market and working with both the PPF and FAS.

If you’d like to discuss winding-up a Scheme, whether it has started already or not, please contact your local First Actuarial office.