What our clients say

"I have had a good working relationship with First Actuarial for a number of years now, and have always been satisfied with the service they have provided. They have advised us on a number of varied issues, providing particularly expert advice on numerous cases of staff transfers from Local Authorities and admission agreements to Local Government Pension Schemes. They always work promptly to deadlines and are generous in working to any last minute urgent requests that emerge at our end. The team provide a very personable service, talking issues through with us to clarify exactly what our requirements are and making us fully aware of any professional implications that may be involved. Work is always produced to a high standard and to whatever format best suits our needs.

I believe the service they provide is good value for money and to a high standard. I would recommend them."

Ravinder Ahluwalia Group Head of Procurement and Facilities

Pension Cost Accounting

We provide a bespoke service to fit individual client needs. For example, some clients need a minimum fuss compliance service with a competitive fixed fee and timely accurate delivery. Other clients require a fuller service with initial estimates; meetings to discuss and agree assumptions; the delivery of extremely quick initial results; and the provision of future projections. We can help whatever your needs.

"We feel reassured that First Actuarial has provided us with advice that is credible, in a way which a lay person can readily understand. This has helped us make informed and far-reaching decisions in a complex area."

Norma Clayton HR Director

We have many clients accounting under each of the key accounting standards, FRS102 in the UK, FAS87/158 in the US and the international standard IAS19. We therefore have a clear understanding of the differences between them and the issues involved when changing to IAS or reporting under both a local standard and IAS via a parent company.

As a specialist in providing actuarial and administration services for pension schemes we can also look at the bigger picture. This means we will put forward suggestions to help deal with problems such as balance sheet volatility or cashflow concerns.

To help with all of this we have developed two interactive software packages, f1rstview advert valuation viewer and f1rstview. Both of these allow employers to immediately understand the cumulative impact of small changes to the assumptions adopted. As a result employers can play an active role in choosing the assumptions and gain a much greater understanding of the key drivers of the pension charge and balance sheet position.

f1rstview is an online tool and goes one stage further by allowing employers to monitor the impact of changing market conditions whenever they want and wherever they are in the world.

Our flyer on f1rstview, along with flyers for other services we provide and our brochure, can be found in the information center.

For further information on or pension cost accounting services or f1rstview please contact your local First Actuarial office.