Investment Consultancy

We offer a comprehensive investment service that focuses on our clients’ needs. Typical projects include:

  • Investment strategy advice
  • Monitoring and dynamic de-risking
  • Fund manager selection
  • Transition services

Investment strategy advice

We provide advice to our clients that allows informed decision making. We are not averse to advising our clients to run risk where appropriate, but this should be done efficiently and where there is a reasonable expectation of being rewarded. We use comprehensive in house software to demonstrate the differences between investment strategies, clearly and informatively.

Example investment strategy review output.

Monitoring and dynamic de-risking

Changing a scheme’s investment strategy is not a quick process and many schemes will miss opportunities simply because they are not in a position to react. A regular monitoring service, together with defined triggers for action, ensures trustees can be in a position to take advantage of opportunities, if they arise.

We have developed an in-house monitoring service, called f1rstflight to meet this need. We offer a range of monitoring services that will meet different clients’ objectives and budgets, from simple market based yield triggers to bespoke funding level monitoring on a daily basis.

Fund mananger research and selection

Our research is led by our client-facing consultants who direct research into areas that add most value to clients. We maintain preferred supplier lists across a range of assets classes and maintain close relationships with fund managers in order to stay on top of any new developments.

Transition services

We have invested heavily in our transition support service in order to help clients make changes to their investment strategy. We have robust processes in place to ensure a smooth and efficient transition, including out-of-market risk management and transition documentation services.

For further information on our investment services, please contact your local First Actuarial office, or contact the investment team directly:

Andrew Overend FIA

Andrew Overend

Senior Investment Consultant

0113 818 7349

Richard Lunt FIA

Richard Lunt

Senior Investment Consultant

0113 818 7340