Independent Financial Education (IFE)

Information is power. Giving your employees help and guidance in all things financial can pay dividends for you, increasing retention and motivation. Our IFE service is all about helping your employees understand savings, investments and insurance.

IFE is straight talking education, not advice. It‘s different from the approach in the IFA world, where messages can get lost in the will to sell products. Our IFE service allows staff to learn in a relaxed atmosphere, be it face to face, written or computer based.

Whether you are trying to change current benefits, bring in new benefits, or refresh interest in your existing package, IFE is an invaluable tool to show you care.

Whether you want a full one-to-one programme or a single session for all employees, our straight talking, engaging approach will deliver success for you.

Our feedback on recent projects for FTSE100 companies has been amazing. We love what we do, and so will you and your staff. For further information on all things IFE click here. To speak to someone contact Peter Shellswell (01256 340 072), or your usual First Actuarial contact.