In addition to providing a valuation service or full disclosures we can provide training on how to value share options and the requirements of the accounting standards (IFRS2, FRS20 or FAS123).

We will come to your offices for 1-2 days (as required) and provide you with the knowledge required to produce suitable models for the options (or other share based payments) that you are granting. This can prove a cost effective (and we hope even enjoyable) way of determining the figures required.

The training can be tailored to your individual needs and can include for example:

  • The requirements of the accounting standards.
  • How to derive suitable assumptions.
  • How to determine Black-Scholes values in Excel.
  • The basis of a Monte-Carlo model.
  • How to add a new function to Excel to calculate Black-Scholes values using VBA.
  • Basic VBA to produce a Monte-Carlo model in Excel.

Following on from the course we are happy to provide support to help with new grants or review any models produced internally to give some comfort on the results.

For more information on this please contact Mark Rowlinson in our Leeds office.