Pension Scheme Websites

Pension Schemes can be a significant source of cost and risk for employers. Employers will continue to support their schemes whilst they perceive that the gains they receive from employee recruitment and retention outweighs the cost and risk of offering the scheme. It is therefore vital that schemes are communicated properly to members so that they understand the value being offered to them.

We have a great deal of experience in producing pension scheme websites setting out scheme benefits and allowing all relevant members communications to be made available. This can be as a public resource or require members to register for access and be verified against our administration system.

The websites are also used to store all the trust documentation and trustee papers in one secure location. Trustees have found this an invaluable resource as all documents are easy to find and available from anywhere with an internet connection. This means there is no need to lug papers around from place to place and helps to ensure good governance.

Substantial value can be added to scheme websites by adding benefit modellers or online access to the data held on our administration system. Members can then get immediate answers to their queries and instant quotations. This can reduce the number and costs of transactions as well as providing a service to members that they will value.

Examples of pension scheme websites we have put together are:

Unite Amicus Section Pension Scheme Pearl Group Staff Pension Scheme
Unite Amicus Section Pension Scheme Pearl Group Staff Pension Scheme

In addition to scheme websites we can also offer a lower cost alternative by setting up a secure area of this website. For information on this see the Client Area.

For more information on pension scheme websites please contact your local First Actuarial office.