With nine founders and more than 170 staff spread across 5 UK offices (Basingstoke, Leeds, Manchester, Peterborough and Tonbridge), we offer a locally owned service, nationally.

Our consultants use bespoke and market leading IT systems and their proven communication skills to make a difference and ensure that our clients understand all of the options available to them. Our systems and approach also mean that we are well equipped to give quick answers to the important questions raised by clients. Our clients benefit from accurate, tailored and practical advice at a reasonable cost.

We are:


We find pragmatic solutions to the problems facing our clients. We know when sophisticated techniques are required and when they will merely add expense rather than insight.


We are pro-active in raising important issues with clients early. We get on the phone to discuss and explain the issues. This means clients have sufficient time to make informed decisions.


We are professional in our dealings with Trustees, Employers and other advisers. This means we are technically accurate, concise, compliant with legislation, appropriate and timely. Our clients can rely on the quality of our work and on it being delivered on time and to budget.


We are committed to plain-speaking and determined to communicate in a way that clients understand and find interesting. Our clients say they get real value from our willingness to make considered recommendations rather than just outline options.


Our consultants are personable. Pensions can sometimes be difficult especially if conflicts arise. Meetings are more enjoyable and work better when the parties involved get on well.

Services we offer

We offer all of the services that you need to run your pension scheme successfully. The real value we add is in making the operation of your scheme easier for you.

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With founders and offices in Basingstoke, Leeds, Manchester, Peterborough and Tonbridge, First Actuarial offers a locally owned service, nationally.