Online Modellers

We have produced numerous online modellers for a wide range of clients. Modellers can be for a specific one-off project or long term solutions e.g. to provide information to members on an ongoing basis. The latter of these are often produced as part of one of our Pension Scheme Websites.

Recent modellers we have produced include:

  • A career modeller to model the complicated structure of the new section of the NHS Pension Scheme as part of the 'Choice' exercise:
  • A defined contribution scheme modeller that provides projected pension benefits at retirement on both statutory and user defined assumptions. The model makes use of up to date membership data and fund values which can also be viewed on the site. A screenshot of the modeller in action is below:

Sample Modeller

If you are interested in an online model for any purpose then do not hesitate to contact your local First Actuarial contact.