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Trustee Training

Trustees are now expected to have a far greater understanding of the issues affecting their pension schemes than ever. To help trustees satisfy their legal obligations we offer a number of different courses for trustees regarding pensions and trusteeship. The courses cover a wide range of topics, at all levels, for both final salary and money purchase schemes.

Existing courses can be geared towards individual client needs or run with other trustees and range in duration from a few hours to a number of days. We do feel that, in order to allow an efficient use of time, the best courses are tailored to the specific details of a scheme. This promotes a thorough understanding of the issues facing the scheme in question.

If you are interested in us running a bespoke training course for you, please contact

We also provide a one day "Introduction to Trusteeship" course which has proved very popular with new trustees as well as more experienced trustees who feel in need of a refresher in order to keep up to date with the ever changing world of pensions and a one day “Investment training for Trustees" course designed to help trustees improve their knowledge of investment matters.

These are complemented by regular half day “Current Issues” sessions to help trustees keep up to date with the seemingly never ending changes being made to the pensions environment here in the UK.

Further details of what is covered in these courses can be found via the following links

Introduction to Trusteeship course.

Investment training for Trustees course.

Current Issues course.

DC Training course.

The next scheduled courses are due to take place as follows:

Training CourseDateLocation
Investment Training for Trustees - Full day24/11/2016Leeds
DC Training - Full day16/05/2016London
Investment Training for Trustees - Full day9/3/2017London
DC Training - Full day28/3/2017London
Introduction to Trusteeship - Full day6/4/2017London
Introduction to Trusteeship - Full day27/4/2017Manchester
Current Issues - Afternoon22/6/2017London
Current Issues - Afternoon29/06/2017Leeds
Introduction to Trusteeship - Full day21/9/2017Leeds
DC Training - Full day17/10/2017Leeds
Investment Training for Trustees - Full day23/11/2017Leeds

For further details on any training courses or modules or if you have any questions please call 01256 340 085 or e-mail